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registered partner: 1767
user online: 31
reported vehicles: 307
incl. stopovers: 337
reported freight: 226
booked orders: 1526
Stand: 18.08.2018

++++ Newsticker ++++ grows
above average

The time-critical, specialized cargo
and storage space exchange, increased their
number of members within the
last 18 months by approximately
50% to 1400.

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Welcome to!
The cargo- and transport exchange for courier services.

Would you like to reduce empty journeys? Do you want to find the most suitable load out of endless freight offers? If that's the case this is the place to be. As a member you have online access to European-wide freight offers and empty vehicles.

Instead of many words we would rather like to make you an unbeatable offer:
test completely, without obligation and free of charge for three months.

We look forward to seeing you soon!

About us

There are freight exchan-
ges ten a penny.
We offer you concrete advan-
tages. Discover on the
following pages what distin-
guishes us from the rest and
what we do in a different way
to everyone else.

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Useful tools

Integrate easily
into your daily business.
Developed by courier pros
for courier pros we offer
an efficient and technologically
sophisticated system.

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Try it for yourself

Where others just have
empty promises we take
our system seriously.
Test us. Right here,
right now. Three months.
Completely free of charge
and without obligation.

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Fair trading

With you work
with the leading courier
businesses / companies
across the whole of Europe.
Benefit from the advantage
of a strong network with
dedicated colleagues.

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